Video - Door Demonstration



A classic Matadoors high security door is under attack. Beneath the door finish lurks galvanised steel casings that are reinforced by vertical steel bars. The door easily withstands a two-man assault from a sledgehammer and angle grinder.

The frame of the door gives the burglar no opportunity for a break-in. The steel frame is secured to the doorway with galvanised steel rods and concrete. This ensures that crowbars can not force a gap between door and doorframe.

You can see how the burglars struggle then fail to break our standard lock. Our lock is the optimum in security. The 6 bolts and the hinge side bolts remain safely beyond the reach of our burglars, despite their noisy and portable equipment.

The eventual destruction of the steel door handle proves a useless line of attack because the steel construction prevents the burglar from finding a point of weakness and using the handle mechanism as an opportunity to break into steel structure of the door.

The attempt to drill the MUL-T-LOCK cylinder system also fails: the powerful cylinder shield protects the advanced cylinder. The strong steel cylinder is buried deep into the door panel. This ensures that the determined attempt to drill and batter the lock fais. The locking system remains engaged.

We've turned the volume right down on our burglars. Angle grinders and sledgehammers are particularly loud against strengthened steel. We would normally expect their attack on our Matadoors front door to attract the attention of the public and police at the very start of an attempted break-in. The verdict: Matadoors high security doors offer the maximum in protection and peace of mind.






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